Terms of Services

This mobile application is owned and operated by MONARC TECHNOLOGIES. By downloadingand using servsnipe, you agree with the following terms and conditions. If user does not agree with the terms and conditions of servsnipe, user is discourage to use servesnipe. By using the site, application or services, you hereby agree to comply with the terms and conditions provided herein and legally bound thereby. this is to govern your access to and the use of the site, application and services and will constitute a binding agreement between you and the MONARC TECHNOLOGIES.

What is ServSnipe?

Servsnipe is an online platform that connects service provider or servsnipe partners and customers together to meet online and arrange bookings of services directly with each other. Aims to expand the marketplace for service providers or servsnipe partners and customer to have eas access to their desired services.


Massage therapist only bring with him/her the needed equiptment for the service. Clients may provide their desired oil to be used by the therapist for the service.


Nail technicians provide equipment needed for the service. Any special request from the client will be accommodated by the technician whenever it's possible.


Housekeepers will their self to the client's home and cleaning and laundry material will be provided by the client. Client may request housekeepers to buys something before the service will be done and clients will pays all the expenses diretcly to the housekeeper.


Sub-services will be chosen by the client depending of the service he/she needs. Specialized handymen is trained and experienced in different field. All servsnipe handyman partner will bring their own tools tp fix whatever is neede to be fixed.


Booking Request

This is when customer request for a service through the platform within which the servsnipe partners may accept or decline the booking.

Service Provider

These are companies and freelancers that are called servsnipe partners that offer the services they specialized such as but not limited to massage, nail care, cleaning and laundry and handy man.The services on the platforms will evolve depending on the demand and supply of a certain place.


These are the customer who request for a certain service using the servsnipe app.

Fees and Payment

User understand the request of a service will result in the charges for the services rendered by a service provider. MONARC TECHNOLOGIES will facilitate the customers payments taking into account the applicable charges on behalf of the service provider if the user opt the use of credit card payment however, when user pay cash, servsnipeapp will indicate the amount to be paid to the servsnipe partner and user may or may not give TIPS.